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Formula CAS
C15H20O2 546-43-0

Alantolactone is a sesquiterpene lactone. It is a component of Helenin, a phytochemical mixture found in many plant species, including the Inula helenium (elecampane) of the family Asteraceae. Helenin is a mixture of two isomeric sesquiterpene lactones, alantolactone and isoalantolactone.

[3aR-(3aa,5b,8ab,9aa)]-3a,5,6,7,8,8 a,9,9a-Octahydro-5,8a-dimethyl-3-methylenenaphtho-[2,3-b]furan-2(3H)-one 8b-hydroxy-4aH-eudesm-5-en-12-oic aic g-lactone
Alant camphor
Elecampane camphor
Inula camphor Eupatal

Chrysanthemum (Helenin)
Inula helenium


Unusual Reactions

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dr. Jan R. Mekkes. Dermatoloog, Amsterdam UMC.

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