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Colofonium Colofonium

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Colophony is derived mainly from Pinus palustris and Pinus caribaea and is a sticky amber material in its crude form. It consists of 90% resin acids and 10% neutral matter. It contains several allergens including oxidation products of abietic acid and dehydroabietic acid.

Abietic acid
Abietic alcohol
Abietyl alcohol
Dercolyte ZS
Dertomal 18
Dertophene 18
Foral 105
Granolite SG
Gum rosin
Hercolyn D
Methyl abietate alcohol
Resina terebinthinae
Rosin gum
Staybelite 10
Tall oil
W-W wood rosin

Athletic grip aid
Brown soaps
Chewing gum
Cleansing agents
Cutting fluids
Dental cements and impression pastes
Glue tackifiers
Insulating tapes
Ostomy appliances
Pine oil cleaners
Pine tree sawdust
Periodontal packings
Polishes and waxes
Printing inks
Soldering fluxes
Surface coatings
Topical medicaments
Ulcer bandages
Violin bow rosin

Balsam Peru
Dihydroabietyl alcohol
Oil of turpentine
Pine resin
Spruce resin
Wood tars

Unusual Reactions

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