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Potassium dichromate Potassium dichromate

Formula CAS
Cr2K2O7 7778-50-9


Chrome is a steel-gray, lustrous metal used in the manufacture of chrome-steel or chrome-nickel-steel alloys (stainless steel) to increase resistance and durability of other metals. It is the fourth most common material in the earth's crust and the most common cause of occupationally induced allergic contact dermatitis, particularly in men. It has been used to prepare chromic acid for cleaning glassware and etching materials. It is used as an ingredient in cement in which it retards the setting of the mixture and improves its density and texture. This usage commonly causes contact dermatitis in construction workers. It is used in photography as an oxidizing agent.

Potassium bichromate
Potassium dichromate

Automotive industry
Corrosion protective in antifreeze, oils, paints, etc.
Cosmetics (chromium oxide pigment in mascara and eyeshadow)
Detergents and bleaches (not a significant risk to the consumer)
Electric batteries
Engraving and lithography
Floor waxes
Fireworks (pyrotechnics)
Foundries (added to sand for bricks)
Glues and adhesives
Metalurgy (alloys)
Milk testing
Office (blueprints, photocopy paper, inks)
Photography (color developing)
Safety matches
Shoe polishes
Tanned leather
Television manufacturing
Textiles - printing and dying (military green)
Wood preservatives


Unusual Reactions
Airborne contact dermatitis


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